Vacuum Pump 35 CFM 3hp



Product Description

Re manufactured. 35 cubic feet per minute. 3hp 208 3 phase or 240 single phase.

Compound design combines performance with cost savings

Compound series pumps offer high efficiency pumping velow 300 microns. They eliminate the need for blowers in some applications, thus reducing system complexity and cost.

Replacing a single-stage pump with a compound increases vacuum system performance by reducing pump-down time and base pressure.

In metallizing and drying applications with high water loads, micron range performance can still be achieved, even with full gas ballast.

This feature prolongs the useful life of sealing fluids while maintaining superior vacuum pump performance.

Two-stage design assures high throughput below 30 microns
Low blank-off to 0.001 Torr
Low vibration
Adjustable gas ballast handles condensable vapors
No metal-to-metal contact in pumping chamber increases wear life.
Air cooled designs for easy installation

Designed and built for durability

Constructed from chemical resistant cast iron, HC series pumps feature hardened shafts with Viton shaft seals.

Our rotary piston design and low rotational speeds reduce wear.

Specifications HC-35

Free Air Displacement (CFM) 35
Vacuum Stages 2
Ultimate Pressure .0001 Torr
Ultimate Gas Ballast Pressure .005 Torr
Motor (HP) 3
Motor Voltage 208/230/460
Pump Operating Speed 510 RPM
Oil Capacity (Quarts) 2
Weight (pounds) 320 320
Inlet Connection 1.5″ NPT
Outlet Connection 1.25″ NPT
Cooling: Air


Additional information

Weight 460 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 30 in

208 3-phase, 240 single phase

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